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roXane : Mix of videos, style, and other stuff from various music genres, Thrash, Metal, Japan Metal, Gothic Metal, Glam Rock Metal, Pop Rock Metal, Blues Rock, Rock Ballad, Rock Ballad 2, Indie Rock, Indies, Jrock, SCANDAL, Jpop Jrock, Classic Jpop, Pop Rock, Pop Rock Female, Love Song, Britpop, Emo, Alt Acoustic, New Wave Post Punk, Post Punk, Pure Post Punk, Hip Hop, R N B, Dance Club, Disco Hits, Funk Disco Bossa, Bossa Groove, Modern Bossa Jazzy, Jazzy, Jazz Swing Blues, Hits Funk, Classic Funk Soul, Fusion, Jap Fusion, West Coast Swing, Modern Swing, New Jack Swing, Root Reggae, Reggae Asia, Country, Accoustic Cover

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